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Sunday, August 31, 2008
5:52 PM

I wish you all Ramadan mubarak all!!!!

alla yetqabal 9yamkom inshalla!

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Friday, August 29, 2008
1:15 PM

Okay, so yeah lots of us love them,

sporty types, luxury types, off-road types..

However i've noticed that some people take it like a sign of status, instead of actual interest... well sort of.

The Story:

 while i was in the states, there came a point where i needed a car badly so I asked my pops if i could have like
$2500 to buy some used vehicle to get around.... i didnt really care what it was, it had 4 wheels, and it takes you from
A to B...

Apparently I committed a serious error because i got yelled at: "ANA WELDE ESOOG HAL SAYARAT....." bla bla bla bla
so eventually i bought a new toyota yaris... at that time it JUST came out, totally new toyota car model.. etc etc.
of course the official reason from my pops was that its better to get a new car because it has warranty..... of course this statement does have merit... to some point. anyways so i ended up getting a toyota yaris '07 for $16000.

Actually I was really proud of it, it ran great, excellant gas-mileage, simple, small, and sweet.
here's a pic (it's not very clear)

Even the kitties loved it.... (yes im using this as an excuse to show of my babies)

Did i mention that my cats are awesome? alright im getting back on topic sheesh :P

So, after lots of fun & happy memories with my wonderful Toyota Yaris.... I decided that once i get back to Kuwait
the only thing I'm getting, is of course a '08 Yaris...

then when i returned  i was SHOCKED...... my beautiful Yaris.... was a Taxi?! I even saw it as a delivery car for Pizza-Hut

I must say it was a dirty feeling............yet my stubborn heart tried to deny it and play blind... and I said to myself
"Shako bil nas ana, 3ajbatny!" .... well after i saw what i saw i didnt whole heartedly believe that, but i tried.

Anyways my resistance didn't last since basically my family and friends revolted on me and all described me like was some lunatic saying stuff like:

- "Ya 7abeby ur in kuwait 6eglik BM wella "Legzes" "
- "Yam3awad shino ya3ny betwafer banzeen, e`7ethlik range shino ya3ny"
- "La la ya wleedi e`7ethlik sayara rez feeha nafsik kash`7a"
bla bla bla

So for about 6 months i shopped and i shopped and compared and all of that.... in the end i decided to go against the flow and buy a convertable coupe with a manual transmission (im planning on taking pics, so ill post them later)..

the point:
Why are cars such a sign of status????

did our ancestors gain status based on how good their horse/camel was? i'm suspecting that might be the case (jk)

I want to hear you guys's opinions about this issue

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12:01 PM

Alright experts, wanna let me know whats supposed to be hot when it comes to TV shows in ramadan?
I caught a few glimpses of 6ash ma 6ash while in the states, usually the times the shows run aren't very convenient and they tend to be played either really late or really early.... so any good recurrent shows i should be lookin up to seein?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
12:19 PM

Alright people, ramadan is coming. it's gonna be my 1st time in 8 years doin ramadan in kuwait.

The dude is in search of popular hangout spots to have fun durin the night time... cause durin the day time ill be either working, messing around the blogs, or of course sleepin.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
9:41 AM

Mission impossible?
James bong? er bond?

No sir.

infiltrating a double steel 15cm thick doors and multi-layerd walls
into a sound proof room by passing all security measures
is clearly no easy feat... but only one thing can do it..


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Sunday, August 24, 2008
11:39 AM

Alright, so part of my job is to provide therapy for kids with delayed language.
no i don't feel like giving a lecture about what is "language" :P but for the purposes of this post
i'll mention that a part of language is knowing "prepositions".... ya3ny: da`7el, barra, fog, ta7at... etc

This 4 year old kid i was just working with, we were playing with a 'jack in the box' type of game, so basically
we were like: weeena? da`7el! weena? barra!

anyways, at some point we asked the child,, weeen ra7???
the 4 year old child said:


Lesson: teach your kids useful words ffs!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008
10:17 AM

For givin me all kinds of huggins, lovins, good food and lethal foods!

So here's a clip from one of my most favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. if you haven't seen this, then you should.
immediately. if you don't. then i will haunt your dreams, eat your cookies, and write funny things on your forehead while you sleep!!!

Embedded Video

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
10:35 PM

And feelin really crappy.
so send me your good wishes, hugs, and make me lots of tasty sandwiches.

Thanks <3 <3

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Monday, August 18, 2008
3:54 PM

Alright boys and gals,
 I decided to share with you a true story,
it's been a while since i posted anything, so I'm writing a longish story for you to enjoy! (actually its REALLY long)
Alright then! grab your popcorn, chips, banak, and your favorite non-intoxicating drink and read on!

So the events occured right after the 2008 new years, during that time I was in florida with my family
and since my pops decided that I'm gonna be driving from florida to newyork with no stops because
family time is awesome (or because its cheaper....)
 I was having a hell of a peachy time since after driving for over 20 smthin hours i was going to take an 8 hour flight from NY to Seattle and of course by the time I got there I have to take a 9 hour bus ride to my college town because it was gonna be too late for flights.

Now you might say "Oooh! exciting!" or "I would've planned my trip better!"
yes yes all of that is noted, but actually that's not the exciting part of my story. It was just to put you in the picture of my
physical state when I finally got on that bloody bus.

I was miraculously moving my body going on 30+ hours without sleep on the bus when we reached the mountain pass (Snoqualmie pass) in the middle of Washington state. Here are some pictures to show you how fun it is over there

As you can see, it might not be the spot where you'd find the abominable snowman, but you just might see his tiny cousins.

Anyways, moving on.

So, me being extremely lucky, I had to travel on the day that the worst blizzard (snow storm) in 20 years happened. Being on the bus, and wanting to get home in any shape or form. I basically gave this 1.5s of thought and then my body resumed its zombified state. Why didn't i just pass the F!*@ out you might say? because the old geezer sittin next to me made me THAT uncomfortable.

As some of you might know, driving in heavy snow requires extra traction. Meaning your tires need help to stay on the bloody road. And to solve this problem, a very smart, albiet cheap person discovered that you can use iron chains (salasel) to get extra traction on the tires.
Smart idea, pain in the butt to accomplish. since you got to put the chains over and around the tires, which is very hard to do on dry land, not to mention in deep snow AND in a blizzard.

Why do i bother with this you might ask? well it so happened to be that our bus driver DOESNT KNOW HOW TO PUT CHAINS ON THE TIRES so therefore, when we reached the top of the mountain pass, and were stuck in the snow.
Well, it wasnt so bad on my end because I wasn't movin my darn ass anywhere.
A bunch of the other people and the driver spent about 1.5 hours putting the chain on, and eventually the bus started moving again.

After a little while, i started to notice that there's a strange sound kind of like a rope grinding on wood kind of sound. A couple minutes pass by, then a strange smell was fillin up to place.. not too soon after people started screaming in the back FIRE FIRE!!!

The bus driver pulled over, and we were all runnin out in the snow to figuer out what the hell is goin on. Of course I didnt dress for the occasion, all i had on was a thin polyster jacket, a long sleeve shirt, sweatpants and running shoes.
it is NOT the way to dress if your going out in a bloody blizzard with tempratures in the NEGATIVE.

Anyways, so we look around the bus to see whats up, and this tendril of smoke starts to come up from the back tire. Apperantly the people didnt put the chain on correctly and the friction caused a rubber fire in the rear tires.
This wouldnt have been a huge issue, if the driver DIDNT FORGET TO BRING THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER. so, naturally, it was a big deal... you know?

So we were far away from the bus, and the bus driver was hard to see but I could tell that he was trying to put out the fire by shoveling snow with his hands.... it looked really funny actually. And the fire got bigger and bigger until...

Ok so these are like just random pics from the net, but you get the idea about what happened.

The bus exploded, we were stranded on the mountain in the middle of a blizzard watching our stuff burn for about 3 HOURS. since it was in such a heavy storm the fire trucks had a hard time getting to us. so basically we were all huddled up for warmth until an 18 wheeler pulled over and gave us shelter in the storage container.

of course by this time i was reaching the 40ish hour mark of going on without sleep, so all of this happened like it was some kind of blurry dream, it was difficult to think, not to mention stand up.
so i decided to do something....

6ab3an dageet 3ala el walid.

me: yoba.
dad: haa 7imdila 3al salama
me: enfijar el ba9
dad: .......
dad: eee emota we9alt?
me:... enfijar el ba9
dad: sheno ya3ny enfijar el ba9?
me: .......el ba9 enfijar
(a few seconds pass by, then i hear my dad in the background "Shoofy weldich madry sheno ga3ed e5arbe6")

Mom: Weshfeek!!
me: el ba9.....enfijar
Mom: weee!!! laykoon 9ar feek shay!
me: la zeen. bardan wayed.
Mom: wel jnaa6?!
me: uhh......
(actually i didnt think about it, then i paniced for a sec.... then i realized that i had my laptop with me and everything was cool)
me: bas thyabi e7targow
Mom: Yoooooooo!!! `3amee`6a!
me: ........... ee...
Mom: Weenek bil fendiq?
me: la....eb sha7ina
Mom: Sheno tsawy hnak?!
me: .....a6eg e9be3
(the network disconnected).

Alright im tired of typing.

In the end the fools compensated me a stupid amount of money, and they took me home the next day.

Lesson: dont go over mountains in a freaking bus.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
10:46 AM

Alright, so im sleep deprived and i probably should take the day off work. but you know the kind and ethical person in me refuses to let the children miss their therapy sessions on the account of my physical and mental health

So ba7e6 7arity ehnee!!!

Alright, so my failed attempt at finding an interesting activity is kind of a downer, but im too bloody stubborn sometimes :P so i've been getting evil thoughts about checking out various theme parks (cause you know we got so many in kuwait) and taking observational notes about what life forms roam there, I want to know their faces, behaviors, and how do they communicate with each other.

Prior to leaving to the states 8 years ago I've stumbled upon such lands, and though I was but a young cub at the time I couldnt help but notice things that left a lasting impression on me, possibly scarring my soul for all of eternity....

Kuwait entertainment city, involved an ongoing tactical war game of chess between the white pieces (dishadeesh) and black pieces (barage3). of course, as with a game of chess, it can provide some entertainment for a while, however it all becomes too predictable and boring.... not to mention stupid? Sorry bas there's something about wa7ed labis 3gal fog el ga7fiya in a very non-chalant manner chasing a small crowd of 3abayat possibly half his height.... is...well..... kind of gross i guess

7adeeqat al she3ib, at the time it was kind of new so it had a little freshness here and there. indeed the chess army was slowly invading the outskirts, but it was otherwise not that contaminated. I have this distinct memory of one day that me and my cousins went there... which 3 brain shattering events happened in rapid succession cause me to possibly lose a piece of my sanity.
First it was the dude attempting to impress a bunch of chicks by doin the moonwalker thing while we were in line and he slipped and hit his head.
Then a chick in that line that insisted that all men were monkeys and was very public about her opinion until some older lady basically told her to stfu.
Lastly, the same older lady incited the group of guys to sit at a table with her, and she was introducing them to HER daughter.

alright maybe im being a little too speculative and harsh. but thats what you get for being tired and cranky.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
8:56 AM

Music tag thing

Well I'm usually not a guy elly follows fads, but what the hell!
Shuffle my ipod eh? just remember

lol you asked for it!!!!!

1. Put Your iTunes/ music player / iPod on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER WHAT!!! After you've answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they've been tagged to do them themselves.

Love 2 Love - by Janet Jackson
(damn it awalha chethee!!!)

Save a horse ride a cowboy - by big and rich
(LOL now thats more like it)

The best is yet to come - by frank sinatra

Red, red wine - by UB40
(I think i would be in trouble if i felt like that at work lol)

Me & U - by Cassie
(Oh jeah~~)

Twin Cannon -by Frank Klepachi
(LOL~~~ not even the half of it)

Automatic -by Utada Hikaru
(er.... what the hell lol)

Mo Money, Mo Problems -by B.i.G
(lol not all the time :P)

Tourniquet -by evanescence
(Er.....no :P)

Get this party started -by pink
(hell yes!)

Fu-Gee-La -by The fugees
(lol I can't make up my mind on this one)

Golden Desert Part 2 -by Dj tieso
(I guess I just wanna party that bad lol~)

Margaritaville -by Jimmy Buffett
(HAHAHAH i'd be in real trouble if that was the case!!!)

We Be Burning -by Sean Paul
(LOL i don't think so!)

Tokyo Drift (The Fast & furious)
(I REAAAAAAALLY dont hope that happens)

The End of Heartache -by killswitch engage
(how the hell did this thing get in my ipod anyway lol)

Around the world -by daft punk
(What can I say, I'm an experienced man, LOL)

Dudu -by Tarkan
(er, sure :P)

Whine Up -by Kat Deluna
(Oh yeah baby, I'm dancin half naked all over the place in my office right now....
I think that might distract one or two people lol)

HAHAHHAHAHAHAH ubelievable....... I swear to god... the answer to this last one is:
Whatta Man -by Salt-n-pepa

That totally made my day, thankies mar8adoosh !


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Saturday, August 9, 2008
8:55 AM

Ok so I'm like totally new to this tag business...so if i mess up...



  • Name: Ali
  • My friends called me: Bu 7seen
  • My Nickname(s): braver

  • Career: Speech-Language Pathology


Boys name: Ameer

Girls name: Manal, Sameera

Perfume: YSL, summer frag.

Fruit: Pomegranate

Veggie: Radish

Fast food place: Er. subway?

Favorite cartoon character: Takumi - Initial D

Animal: Panther

Ice Cream: parline and cream

Have u ever ?!

Bungee jumped: nein

Used someone: not intentionally!

Had bloody nose: oh yea

Played truth or dare: yes

Put your tongue on a frozen pole: there are a few things i put my tongue on and poles arent one of them!

Been in a physical fight: mhmm

Knocked on wood: on several occasions

Broken a bone: nein

Broken the law: i spit on the sidewalk once...............................

Last Time

Laughed and why? mmm i was probably messing around

Cried and why? funeral

Hugged someone and whom ? funeral, uncle

Recieved a Call and from whom ? dad

Used a Pen and what did you write ? Progress notes for my client

Lied and whats the truth ? no idea

Recieved a message and from whom ? nothing interesting

Took a Shower: yesterday

Put Make-up On: er, hell no?

Ride a bike: like, 9 years ago lol

What does it mean to you ?

  • Your family: flesh & blood
  • Your home: place I'm connected to
  • Your friends:love em
  • Yourself:old friend
  • Your birthday: I try not to get too excited
  • Your bedroom: Operations room!
  • Your car: oooooooooooooooh baby!
  • Your mobile: txt msg ho!
  • Your PC/laptop: oh yeah~~~~~mhmmmmmm!
  • Blogging: new hobby
  • Money: Necessary evil, bloody hate it

Right Now

Eating: nein

Thinking: how long is this thing

Smelling: my smelling sense is shot

Watching: initial d

Listening to: japanese music

Wearing: boxers

Waiting for: breakfast

Hating: boredom + the freaking heat outside

Missing: someone

Loving: the fact im taking a vacation in.......... 4 months

Worried about: vacation planning

Planning: disneyworld

Annoyed with: longass tag!

Mention two things that...

.......... ok sorry palomino but i cant take it anymore its too long lol


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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
9:23 AM

Hey guys,

I seriously... need your help.

So it's been like 8 months since i came back to q8. and since the culture here is...well... weird to me i guess i just can't find interesting shit to do.

ok so things that i've already done (way too many times i might add):

- goin to a hooka cafe
- eatin out
- goin to the movies
- bowling
- going to the gym
- window shopping
- counting how many palm trees are on gulf street
- trying to puzzle out what the hell is up with the pyramid/spiky hear-do
- Avoiding getting killed by crazy drivers in hawalli
- er.. oh yeah and going to work.

:( help?

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Sunday, August 3, 2008
8:06 PM

Well my co-worker found this one while shopping for some toys (I guess), so I'm not taking any credit for finding it.

The instant I saw it, I was semi-shocked, and at the same time enlightened...
enlightened to reason why a lot of kids that i see at work instinctively attempt to scratch their brain.... to think? or to assault me with gross objects..

Now I'm considering wearing a gas mask to protect myself!

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