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Monday, February 23, 2009
10:58 AM

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Balla 3aleekom hathy salfa? did they run out of crap to write about!
that last part spurred plenty of jokes around the office.

jeez. oh well back to bloody work!


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Sunday, February 22, 2009
8:23 AM

What up dudes

whats goin on? well i had an interesting weekend.
apart from being sick for about a day and a half, i was out and about until the dust invasion came on about.

I evaded assassination by bad drivers a couple times, so thank god for that. and i also had the pleasure/displeasure of eating a burger from fudds el jabriya, i say that because i cant really
decide if i liked it, or it just was an exercise for my jaw muscles and increasing my weight. probably from 95 to .......95.5 or something

i dunno whats up with me and burgers these days! i think i saw a blog or something about burger reviews and i went on this mini craze about it.

So my mom did some event at the basement in the house, and since everyone was busy i was charged with goin to bring food. walla met7asif enny i didnt take a picture, 46 K.D worth of kabab were sitting next to me in my 2 seater car..

ya3ny all of the leg space was full and it was piled up to the headrest. i was debating if i should wrap the seat belt around the stuff so that i wont have a dashboard lined with kabab. of course i had to open the window despite the dusty weather or i would be smelling like kabab for a week.

now im at work with a 12 hour shift and 4 hours of sleep.



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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
6:17 PM

Sick with stomach flu, eating 3eesh mash5ol & yogurt. drinking tea..

being bored @ home.................well actually there are a couple things that are keeping me occupied:

- Spider solitare
- messing around with my phone
- watching tv
- downloading stuff

and other activities which require me to be stationary, I.E. parking my butt on my bed for long
periods of time.

oh well, back to messing around and tinkering!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
10:10 AM

i just love it


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Sunday, February 15, 2009
5:58 PM

Alright well there's no denying that videogames are a good source
of entertainment.

Some of us think that they are a bunch of time wasting tools
Some of us think that only "nerds" play it
Some of us think that its a kids thing

Well then... i can write an extremely long rant on how the above mentioned line of
thinking can be considered contradictory and idiot, but i'll refrain from doing that and say
that those people are simply entitled to their own opinion.

I suppose that back in the day I could be considered a "gamer", although these days i'm too pre
occupied with work and other activities. I still get some play time here and there if i can be
bothered to install something interesting, but still i cant get into it like i used to.

sigh, well there are still some franchises that i just cant get myself to pass up
(final fantasy for example), you get to be such a fan of the series and
dont wanna fall behind... u know the drill.

Most that i come across these days are kind of trash... well not trash, just
not so gripping and enticing like they used to... i don't know if its my age or
just the quality got watered down...

the dude requires entertainment!


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8:47 AM

So here we are with the tag! Thanks to dearest: zaboo6a

the rules be:
  1. Put a picture of any grumpy person.
  2. 3 things that are just abnormal.
  3. 2 things that irritate you.
  4. 1 trigger to your anger.
  5. 3 people you can’t live without.
  6. 2 of people you don’t want to see.1 of your favorite foods.
  7. 3 of your favorite songs.
  8. Tag only 5 people.

Ichi: Grumpy Dude

Ni: Abnormal stuff x3

- Back in college ( like a bazillion years ago ) i used to lightly strum the guitar while on the bed
to mask the sound of the gay couple living above me.

p.s. dont ask!

- I could live on red meat. no really, i dont mind eating that stuff 3 meals a day.
Yes i'm a carnivore.

- Shopping for me is a rigorous process sometimes, when it came to buying a car, laptop, cellphone... any of that stuff I become extremely picky and gotta tear up the thing in and out looking for pluses and minuses..... i even exhaust myself sometimes!

San: Things that irritate me x2

- Taxi drivers that slam the brakes in your face in the sight of a human on the sidewalk. and when you miraculously evade certain death and look at the idiot, they lift their hand say "salam" and
give you a friendly indian shake of the head.
irritation = 75%

- Politics. and the monkeys in the political circus.
screw them, and may they gag on the nuts they love so much.

Si: Things that anger me x1

People who think that being: racist, pompus, materialistic, and shallow
is normal, and everyone else is below them.

Being classy is one thing, but people with that rotten attitude....

go: People can't live without x3

- The Fam
- My sweetheart
- Ze frendz

Roku: People don't wanna see x2, fav food x1

- Jim hubert, aka satan ( my economics college professor )
- Some useless person

- Steak of course!

Sichi: Favorite Songs x3

well thats always confusing. so i'll stick to the ones i'm currently listening to all the time

- Starstruck
- Beat of the rising sun
- L.A. Rider

Kyu: Tag 5 people

well all of the people i'd tag already did it so..... MEH!

there u have it! :D


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
10:32 AM


well then, me seated at my glorious wizara plain white desk while being stared down by some 2 year old got me thinking...

it wasn't necessarily productive thinking, that has its time and place. and most certainly it wasnt at this white desk. not right now anyway.

nay, it was infact quite nonsensical thinking, things like why do i have to chase after patients who are enjoying themselves chasing desert rats (jarabee3) at their camps.
I'm sure its improving their general morale, as well as painting a smile on their faces.

other things happen to cross my mind, in the department my office is like a RSS hub or something, every 2 minutes some one shows up says a rather useless thing like "i'm loose in the avenues", or "I hate my life", or "what am i doing here"... etc etc. oh and add "ali let's promote tourism in kuwait" what do i look like? a bloody stripper?

well it does alleviate the monotomy.... but man is it cumbersome.

oh vell ciao!


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7:49 AM

Whats up folks.

first things first:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

its not clear but A:197 B:175
not the crushing defeat i was hoping for, but still im kind of satisfied.

of course my baby didn't take this very well.. and soon she brought out her secret weapon

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

and i was beaten like 3 times in a row or something. i even felt she was trying to help me win!

under other circumstances, i would by then have had my vision painted red and a thundering voice in my head pounding "BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD"

but i took it calmly, and since it was clear that i could never win on her field, i took out my frustration elsewhere:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

and i ate half of her sandwich too.... :/

anyways, this time around when i went a bunch of kiddies from the nearby school were slouchin around the place. very noisy, havin fun i suppose. actually when we arrived we were hesitant to go in because the place is small and it seemed kind of crowded. for a flash i felt that my age is showin, but my baby quelled that real fast :O

An interesting thing which i found out through the waiter, is that the kiddies were excited because over the past 2 days there was a bomb threat in their school. and someone apperantly placed a taped up video camera with wires coming out of it which people mistook for a bomb.

i don't know about you, but that doesnt count as exciting in my book

bloody children!


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Monday, February 9, 2009
7:36 AM

buenos dias my loved ones, how r u :*

well i checked out that cafe and i kinda liked it.
well, its very small.... ya3ny check this out

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

thats the distance from one wall to the next, and displaying the total number of tables in the place.
so yeah its tiny, and well hidden.... probably the only people who know about it are the kids from the nearby school and a small number of dedicated customers.

in anycase the dude working there had an expression of astonishment/immense joy at the sight of his new customers (yeah right), i had a peach ice-t and my baby had some tea. and we played scrabble.

well my winning streak ended (for like the past month or something) , because i made a stupid bet with myself.
here be the score

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

as you can see, my booty was tossed by a margin of 6.
the reason for this is kinda stupid :( since i had a Q U I Z that i was rooting to use and get major points to annihilate my sweetheart early, turned into salfat 3naad because i held on to those 4 letters and was left with only 3 amashy 7aly feehom...
and this is what i ended up with

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

What am i supposed to do with that? well im not a sore loser, i admitted defeat and then proceeded to have italian with my baby
(although i secretly vowed cold heartless revenge in the form of scrabble tiles later! :P jk jk)

ok thats it for now, more later! :D


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Sunday, February 8, 2009
5:58 PM

The bloody long shift day is almost over!!!
cant wait for my baby to get here then we off to the mysterious cafe :P

and here's what my mood is like atm

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Saturday, February 7, 2009
4:16 PM

what up gang!
I'm happy that i found some hidden away cafe in Hawalli
and no im not talk about some gahwat 93ayda. its a proper cool, hip, sophisticated
cozy, friendly hang-out place.

well I hope it is... actually i'm gonna visit it today, and hope that i find the place again in less than 2
bloody hours. their website decribes it as a hole in the wall, and let me tell ya... i aint lyin
i would've found it faster if their neon sign wasnt hidden behind huge trees and the only other
indicator that ANYTHING is there wasnt a spray painted word with the name of the place.

yes i'm suspiciously holding out on telling you what this place is until i go check it out myself and take some pics 2 post :P

other than that i've been having a fantastic time with my sweety, she's currently distracted with something. so i'm stealing this opportunity to post :D we bought some useless foods and ate them happily while we conversed about the events of the past week.

alright thats all for now, ill update u guys later!


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Friday, February 6, 2009
5:28 PM

Whats goin on people?

After trying out wordpress for a while i decided it was way too formal and i opted to come back here.
so after a lot of hardwork and LOTS of help from my good friends Smarties and Valentina
and many frustrating hours messing with HTML code and widgets, I was able to modify this great skin (thanks to Darkdegree, the designer) to more or less suit my needs (if a lot of the bloody
widgets i wanted wouldnt work for god-knows what reason). well i hope it works alright anyway lol.

Alright, well i'm happy that i'm through with the whole html editing ordeal and now i'll be off reading YOUR blogs :P!


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