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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
8:36 AM

Holy bejeebus.
Ladies and Gents. The dude yesterday was so freakin furious that he almost
did i dont freakin know what!!!!
and no it's not about some a-hole driver!

its time that i let some steam out about work.

alright, here's the deal:

so i've been employed at the bloody ministry (only temporary!!) for exactly a year now, since march last year.

let me be frank here, the only reason i'm even working here is that because supposedly after 2 years of "excellent" evaluation they will offer you a scholarship.

of course when I arrived here, it took them over 4 months to give me my own room to work in, and that had only a bunch of chairs and a table.
At any other job this would be fine i guess, but for my job I need bloody materials to work with...
certain kinds of toys, flash cards, prints, and even devices which until now I don't have.

not to mention the hideous carpet, which looked like someone spewed ink on it or something. just disgusting.

Of course me being all excited, and wanting to be productive, bought out of my own money chairs, another table, 2 cabinets, a printer, and a whole bunch of toys.
That was all great, I used all of my stuff, the kids loved it, I was being productive.

And I take pride in saying that through out my work 3omry maga9art with either parents or colleagues. (ok that sounds like a resume line lol)

PLUS every week I have 2 days which i work 12 hour shifts.

yeah, I did all for a year.

so now I have 1 more year to go for the scholarship, right? .... RIGHT?!

well guess what. the freakin ministry was gonna pull a fast one on me.
yesterday the evaluations came out, and I didn't have an evaluation!

wtf? what do you mean I cannot have an evaluation? i've been here for a bloody year havent I? from march to march!!
I called them up (the evaluation department or whatever crap they are called) and I gave them
my civil number.

me: salam edarat el taqyeem?
cruella deville: ee n3m.
me: bagheet astafser 3n el taqyeem maly
cruella deville: rqm el b6aqa.
me: #########numbernumbernumber
cruella: inta malik taqyeem.
me: huh? leesh?
cruella: enta emota metwa`6ef?
me: march
cruella: el taqyeem min january le january
me: ok bas ana el7een 9arly min march to march!
cruella: el taqyeem ye6la3 fe january.
me: ya3ny 3ashan ana ma twa`6aft fe january, ma ten7isib-ley el sena elly eshtaghalt-ha?
cruella: taqreeban.


i flipped out! what the hell! it means that I'd have to work for 2 MORE YEARS to get the bloody scholarship! what a freakin joke! and after all the effort I put into this place! I got screwed over like this!
Laa ow kanow yaboon emashoon 3alay salfat enna ashte`3il overtime b3d! THE @#(*&#@S WANTED ME TO WORK MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my friends, the dude was FURIOUS, my co-workers stayed way the hell away from me. because my toleration just hit rock bottom yesterday.

Well thankfully, my boss wrote some kind of letter to see if that department would do something about it.

but omg... can you believe this shit?

ya3ny serving your country is one thing

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Monday, March 30, 2009
8:28 AM

Buenos Dias my lovelies.

yes yes i know it's been a while since i posted, i've had little time to blog because of work
and social developments and such.

Recently i've been sending out tons of e-mails to get the ball rolling with my graduate studies
and i've found a bunch of places that might fit the bill. so thats good.

the other option i had was that i'd hold off for sometime and go for an MBA while i work, but i'm kinda not really enthusiastic so much about that, not because i dont think i can do it, but when I ask myself am I the business type? and the answer is not really.

Anyways, it looks like I'm gonna be ordering some GRE books and materials and get ready to kick
the living hell out of that exam.

hmmm lets see what else has been goin on.

did a bunch of shopping for a home gym set, I figured in the long run its better to just have the
damn thing right at my home rather than pay to be around a bunch of smelly dudes (lol),
since i basically know how to train myself and all i need is the space and gear to do it.

so, after around 2 months of body conditioning, then i'll jump back into technique improvement
for karate (or whatever). plus i guess thats just around the time summer is gettin
ready to be all fired up, so its good to be extra fit for that.


ok time to vent a little:

the lady driving the purple or whatever raye7 lonha mitsu colt.
i hate you, you despicable woman, i want to destroy you and whoever
gave you the right to drive that garbage can.

ok thats all, im not THAT hateful u know :P

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Sunday, March 22, 2009
8:35 AM

Buenos Dias my lovelies.

Don't you just hate waking up at 6 a.m. on a sunday? I know I do.
Still can't get used to it, but its a necessary evil I suppose.

Do I want to be stuck here forever? nope. I got till march next year then this dude is outta here,
Where? I dunno probably U.S. somewhere or Canada.

Well thats in the long run.

On the short term goal:

Hmmm well I'd love to continue my karate training, except the style that I do
isnt around in Kuwait, its mostly shotokan or kyukushin. and I dont dig either.

Man do I miss that stuff :(

Now I'm here at the office figuering out salfat flan ow 3elan, providing therapy for peeps.

Ok i love my job, but i'm not ready to douse the flames
..... not yet!

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Monday, March 16, 2009
7:38 AM

Monsieur, Madame ... Bonjour

Ok, dont get any ideas, I'm not at all frenchy but i gotta admit they got some good stuff in their name, like... fries, toast... and kissing i suppose. if your into that sort of thing.


Recently i've been wondering, a lot, about bahrain. Why is it that I got so relaxed when I got there?
it seemed more laid back, more open, more inviting, more fun. Foreign people, lots of business.
F1, malls....

but, is that it? did I just size up the whole place in a day? i must be missing more stuff.

anyways, why is it that I don't get the same feel from around here?

hmmmh... i don't know whats goin on here, but I guess I should stay away from dubai lol :P

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Sunday, March 15, 2009
8:03 AM

Whats up guys!

Well this past weekend a lot of things happened in a short amount of time, so ill just mention one silly incident:

- So i was traveling to bahrain, for the first time in like 10 years to attend a family event.
Naturally i was kinda excited.

Getting on the plane, me & my pops took the left 3 seats somewhere at the middle, and some old geezer and his... daughter i guess? were on the right.

The plane just started moving to get out of the slot... and then the following happened
Daughter: shfeek?
Geezer: haa.. walla madry shloon chenna do5a
Daughter: Wee!!! nogaf? nanzel?! shfeek?!
Geezer: walla... chenna do5a do5a madry walla
Daughter:Wee! Wee! laykoon fe shay! 5al nogaf yalla yalla nanzel!

and they made a fuss telling the crew to stop the plane and all that.
anyways, the geezer stopped an air-hostess and asked for a sprite. then, suddenly:

me: wtf?

after 2 mins.
Daughter: lel7een doo5a? shino et7es feeh?
Geezer: La el7een zeen, bas kan shway hawa
Daughter: shino?
Geezer: laa ee bas kan shway hawa el7een zeen


is this guy for real?
We could've easily been delayed for hours because he had to FREAKING BURP

ok other than that i must say that i loved bahrain, even though it was just an extremely short visit (1 day to attend the family event), and i cant wait go back and check out the scene!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009
8:50 PM

Whats up guys!

well its a day old, but i couldnt post yesterday due to being busy
stuffing mu face with dewaniya food and other activities.

anyways heres the deal:

how do u feel if ur driving idly then suddenly a tree falls infront of ur car?
well thankfully i wasnt the recipient of this highly un pleasant surprise but it happened not too far ahead of me while i was driving near work wed mornin.
too bad this phone cant take quick pics or i wouldve showed ya! appearantly near sabah hospital the .... gardening crew chose the time of day which people go to their jibs to start chopping up trees ... not only that, i guess they are instructed to drop them on unsuspecting ministry employees.

well we are facing an economic crisis after all!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
8:25 AM

Hello friends!

good news, chenny 6ela3t min salfat el overtime!!!! kent 7ady down 3ala el salfa.
and there's a rumor that el 5afara will be replaced by this 'currently optional' overtime
system so when that goes down i'll just deny both and i'll just work from 7:30 to 1:30 and
then im doneeeeeeeeee.

Its been kinda hetctic recently so i've been short on bloggin-time, but since i got some
space in the early mornings i guess i'll just do my bloggin durin that time.

you know since 8 am is too early for the kiddies to show up, and the adults metwahgeen bil za7ma :P

I gotta make it to the bloody universities expo today after my shift ends at 6:45
see if i can score something local at the evening times.

well thats all for now folks!

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Friday, March 6, 2009
11:38 AM

Whats up you guys?

Alright since I'm pressed for time (even on a friday mornin) i'll just give you
the headlines

- Work is now proposing i work from 7:30 am to FRAKING 8:30 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats on my long shift days, and on the regular days till 4:30!

yeah well i wasnt about to let that bullshit go down, ya3ny i got a freakin life of my own i'm not the peoples property FFS.

well i refused but i went along with only the long shift day thing. its a killer but they SAID i could stop it after a month... so what the hell.

- Been working on a massive project on the side, jeebus i don't even know the full size of it but it seems like this new monkey business with the government and the parliment might screw it up
*****sigh.... stupid political circus

- So what about this 10k cash deal eh? i've been getting delusions of upgrading my car big time, i feel guilty about it since i'm so attached to the damn thing

- Er....and yeah..... feeny 7arej since 2 days, lol

miss u all you lovely crazy people!


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
7:55 AM

hello my pretties
i know ive been gone since what feels like forever
im currently buried with work and related social bullshitness

i hope ur all doing well! ill try to make a post about soon

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